Who Are We?

Posted by Erika Willms on

I have asked myself several times over the years..."Who Am I"? As we get older we go through endless experiences that shape us. I don't think we ever really know who we are, although every experience helps us learn something new about us.

At Pearls & Lace, we are still learning about who we are as a business. But here is what we have learned about ourselves along the way, or at least who we think we are and who we strive to be.

We are a women's clothing boutique for all body shapes and sizes. We believe size is just a word or number. How we feel is our clothes is more important than a size. This is especially true for me, Erika, the owner. I am a size 14 pant and XL top with a big 10 foot. But that has never stopped me from wearing what I want. When I walk with confidence, I feel beautiful! And my mission is to bring that same mentality to women across the world.

Our style is about bringing out the inner beauty in our customers. We aren't afraid of standing out and neither should you be. When we are able to be confident in what we wear, we feel great!

We love making women feel great and stepping outside their comfort zone to try new things. Nothing is more rewarding than the smile on a woman's face that says "I feel beautiful."

We pride ourselves in our customers shopping experience and when we know you leave with a smile on your face and confidence in your step, we know we've done our job.