Meet The Owner

Posted by Erika Willms on

Hi! My name is Erika Willms. I am the founder and owner of Pearls & Lace Country Boutique in Guthrie Center, Iowa. I started this business because of my love for fashion and people.
My passion for fashion goes all the way back to High School when my Mom told me if I wanted a pair of Silver Jeans from Buckle I had to get a job and buy them myself. I was always the overdressed girl in High School when everyone else was dressed in sweatpants. I especially loved big earrings and statement necklaces. I wasn't afraid to wear what I liked and no one was going to stop me so I decided to make a career out of it.
I've never been skinny. In fact I got bullied for it. i realized I was never going to be a girl with a perfect body so I decided to embrace who I was and encourage others to do the same.
My love for people started at very young age. You couldn't stop be from talking. I got in trouble all the time for talking in school. I took out out for sports and other extra curricular activities just to be around other people and socialize.
Pictured with me are my #1 loves- my husband Austin and our 3 children- Jace (9), Jaxon(8), and Corbitt(1). We reside on our family cattle and crop farm in our forever home we recently completely remodeled. We reside outside of Guthrie Center. Austin also works for Guthrie County Roads Department and spends a lot of time doing "boy stuff" like hunting with his son and bonus sons. My two oldest boys are staying busy with friends, school and sports. My youngest is just busy being an ornery toddler.
Austin and I lead a very busy life with both of us chasing our dreams, but we make it work and a big part of that goes out to all of you for helping make my dream work. So Thank You for being so supportive of my family and my dreams.